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Review of 2013

Brick Phill 32013 was a successful, if challenging year with much change in my professional and personal life. It began with possibly the highlight of the year – the weekend of recording that took place in Cambridge in January for the forthcoming CD of my choral works. This was an amazing experience and I look forward greatly to the release of the CD in March this year. January also saw me move to Aberdeen to take up my new lectureship in composition at the university – this has been a great opportunity for me and I have very quickly felt part of the team in a flourishing music department. It wasn’t easy being away from my family for the working week (flying home at weekends) but we coped. February saw performances of my new cantata The Hazel Wood in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and St Andrews, and March saw the first full performance of the Three Partsongs in London (both thanks to JAM!). June saw a return to Cambridge for the premiere of The Eternal Ecstasy at Selwyn, which will be featured on another CD to be released this year. Other composition highlights included multiple performances in Aberdeen (by various choirs and performers) two performances in Ely Cathedral and various performances of my Preces and Responses in the USA. Two other highlights occurred in September: The Music of Herbert Howells was published by Boydell and Brewer (the culmination of four years of relatively hard work) and my second child, Alex was born. The whole family is now based in Aberdeenshire and we look forward to a more settled year. Performances are already planned for St Paul’s Cathedral in March and the US premiere of the Evening Service later this month. PAC

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