Diurnal (2005)

August 17th, 2014

Diurnal (2005)

  1. Nocturne
  2. Gethumbwini Scherzo
  3. Afternoons…
  4. Evening Elegies
  5. Rapid Eye Movement


Solo Guitar

Score available to purchase here.


Diurnal is in many ways an autobiographical piece, depicting (loosely) not only my day to day life, but also a reflection upon the summer of 2005. The piece was began in April as the days started to warm up, was mainly composed during the hot months of June and July, and was finished as the rain came and sun disappeared at the end of September. I therefore decided to affectionately dedicate the piece to my house, which I feel greatly inspired me during the summer.

The original title for Diurnal, was going to be Five Bagatelles (after the Walton piece), and in some ways this could still act as a suitable subtitle; each short movement has the flavour of a light, monothematic ‘fancy’.

The titles basically describe the music; ‘Nocturne’ is calm, but a little anxious; ‘Gethumbwini Scherzo’, busy and workmanlike; ‘Afternoons…’ is lazy and sleepy; ‘Evening Elegies’, quiet though not fully relaxed. The final movement ‘Rapid Eye Movement’ basically acts as a commentary on what has gone previously, here I imagined myself dreaming as thoughts and ideas from the day come back to me, though shrouded and hazy. The subtitles to each movement relate directly to a part of my day, these range from meal times, bed times and favourite television programmes beginning and ending; they are obviously, quite personal.


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